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Atomic physics sets the standard for stability, accuracy and range of applications in precision frequency reference clocks worldwide. Our Rubidium, SAW and quartz oscillators support more military communications, satellite ground stations, and test and measurement applications than any other precision frequency references in the world.

Rubidium Frequency Standard: RFS-10

The Excelitas Model RFS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard is a miniature MIL-Spec rubidium gas cell atomic frequency standard with a standard size and interface. This advanced design of atomic clock features rugged construction, modular design and low operating power (12 Watts). The physics package ...

Atomic Clock Technology - Chronos Technology Ltd

Atomic Clock Technology ITSF 07 13 November 2007 Dr. R. Michael GarveyDr. R. Michael Garvey [email protected] ... - Linewidth limited by time-of-flight through the apparatus +/- Lifetime: 6 years for high performance; 12+ years for ... Modular Rubidium Standard

Smiths Interconnect - Modular Time and Frequency Systems

Smiths Interconnect's modular Time and Frequency Systems become Primary Reference Standards for Communications Networks, Satellite Ground Stations and Mobile Radio Base Station synchronization. Redundant GPS Reference modules include high stability OCXO oscillator or Rubidium oscillator, GPS receiver, Time and Frequency generator and NTP Servers.

Modular Master Clock - Brandywine Communications

MODULAR MASTER CLOCK. Brandywine's Modular Master Clock represents the next generation of modular timing systems. ... The Brandywine Communications family of modular time and frequency systems offer superior performance, a wide range of option choices, and ease of design. ... rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators to provide our customers ...

SecureSync Configurable Time & Frequency Reference Server ...

Modular and highly configurable NTP server and master clock. Synchronize to GPS, SAASM GPS, multi-GNSS and many other timing references. ... Quartz or Rubidium; ... Consisting of an indoor GPS antenna panel, a configuration of Orolia's SecureSync® modular GPS time server, and an interconnect cable, Skylight opens new possibilities for accurate ...

Modular Frequency and Time Systems (MFS) MBFO (101) Frequervy Tlrnc System (MFS) provi&s time and frequency industry with an innovative way to a host of standard modules to form a 19 inch sys- tern. main is as follows: Generate precise frequency and time through use of Rubidium Atomic Oz.i11attMs, Crystal VLFLF,GPS Receiver signals.

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Modular Frequency and Time Systems (MFS) MBFO (101) Frequervy Tlrnc System (MFS) provi&s time and frequency industry with an innovative way to a host of standard modules to form a 19 inch sys- tern. main is as follows: Generate precise frequency and time through use of Rubidium Atomic Oz.i11attMs, Crystal VLFLF,GPS Receiver signals.

Efratom - Panatron, Inc.

Apr 22, 2018· Rubidium Time and Frequency Standards: MRT Rubidium Frequency Standard MRT-HT Rubidium Frequency Standard PRFS Portable Rubidium Frequency Standard VRFS-MC VXIbus Rubidium Frequency Standard. Modular Time and Frequency …

M210/M211/M842 - Modular Time & Frequency System

This Stratum 1 modular time and frequency master clock system is an advanced, high precision timing platform commonly specified for use in ... OCXO and high performance Rubidium atomic clock Power Supplies Single or Twin Universal AC mains or 48 V DC or combination as required Time Sync Sources GPS, MSF, DCF, 1PPS, IRIG-B, IRIG-E, ...

Rb-Disciplined Frequency Standards

Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standards are being used increasingly in telecommunication applications, particularly wireless telephone networks. With increased demand for cellular services but limited bandwidth, the requirement for precise timing becomes paramount.

Spectracom 1200-233 - SecureSync GPS Modular Time and ...

"SecureSync GPS Modular Time and Frequency Synchronization System: Model 1200-233 Rubidium GPS Back-up oscillator & Dual AC/DC (24-48VDC) power Includes (1) 10/100Base-T Ethernet NTP port, 10MHz and 1PPS timing outputs. Two-panel LED/LCD selectable display with HH:MM:SS, network IP addresses, and lockable keypad entry. Integral power - see model details below.

Modular Frequency and Time Systems (MFS) MBFO (101) Frequervy Tlrnc System (MFS) provi&s time and frequency industry with an innovative way to a host of standard modules to form a 19 inch sys- tern. main is as follows: Generate precise frequency and time through use of Rubidium Atomic Oz.i11attMs, Crystal VLFLF,GPS Receiver signals.

Time and Frequency Modular Time and Frequency System …

The Model 9100 is a robust and versatile modular frequency and time system. Ultra-stable frequencies, rates, and telecom outputs are all referenced to GPS. Disciplined oscillators include both double oven crystal oscillators and rubidium oscillators. Once synchronized to GPS, sophisticated oscillator discipline algorithms maintain a high degree of

Brandywine Communications

Brandywine Communications is the premium supplier of ultra-precise GPS and time code based Time and Frequency products. Offering next generation solutions for telecom, government/ aerospace & defense, power utilities, and public safety, Brandywine has solutions for your critical timing need.

Efratom Modular Frequency Standard - FEBO

Efratom Modular Frequency Standard (Click on the image to get the full-size version) The Efratom MFS (Modular Frequeny Standard) is a configurable frequency reference that I think was sold into telecom and land mobile radio systems. I recently acquired one at a hamfest and had a chance to explore it.

Smiths Interconnect - Time and Frequency Systems

Modular Systems Smiths Interconnect's modular Time and Frequency Systems are built around a base unit that offer dual-redundant modular unit designed for high reliability applications requiring uninterruptable 24-7 service. PRODUCT DETAILS; BROCHURE DOWNLOAD

Modular Synchronization Platform LANTIME M1000

IMS - LANTIME M1000: Time and Frequency Synchronization Platform in 1U Rackmount-Enclosure Versatile and Modular Solution for Time and Frequency Synchronization Application in 1U housing The 1U chassis has two power supply slots, optional two clock module slots, a CPU slot and four (three in case of a second reference clock) slots for ...

NTS-5000 NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Modular Time Server

NTS-5000 NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Modular Time Server Uhren - LED Zeit Displays Der NTS-5000 ELPROMA Network Time Server ist ein Advanced Zeitserver mit OCXO und Rubidium. Er bietet optionalen redundanten GNSS Empfang über zwei unabhängige Antenneneingänge. Spezielle PTP Profile für Smart Grid Relais und IRIG B DCLS Schnittstellen unterstützen die Zeit-Synchronisation …

GPS Oscillator - Rubidium, OCXO or TCXO - accuracy of ...

Note 1: The accuracy in Hertz is based on the standard frequency of 10 MHz. For example: Accuracy of TCXO (free run one day) is ±1·10-7 ·10MHz = ± 1 HZ . The given values for the accuracy of frequency and time (not short term accuracy) are only valid for a constant ambient temperature !

Elproma Products

NTS-5000LITE OCXO Time Server. NTS-5000 RUBIDIUM Time Server. Note! These site covers both product: the NTS-5000 (RUBIDIUM & OCXO) and NTS-5000LITE (OCXO only). The difference between these 2 products is RUBIDIUM quantum oscillator only. If you are interested just in NTS-5000LITE please disregard RUBIDIUM oscillator when reading below specification.

Modular GPS Time & Frequency Systems - FEI-Zyfer

Modular GPS Time & Frequency Systems ... Rubidium or OCXO oscillators provide for excellent holdover performance in the event of failure of the reference inputs. In addition, they may be configured as Distribution Time and Frequency (DTF) systems that are synchronized by an external reference. ...

LANTIME M900/GPS/RUB/FT1-32/BGT Modular, GPS antenna ...

NTP time server for 19" installation with management CPU and internal time reference: GPS satellite receiver/radio clock with Rubidium Timebase *) - Meinberg GPS antenna input, N-Norm connector, isolated

Ball Efratom MFS-207 - Mechem Electronics

A Modular Frequency and Time System. It generates precise frequency and time, through the use of a GPS receiver and a Rubidium Atomic Oscillator. The MFS-207 provides 20, precision 5 mHz.outputs, and 20, 1 Pulse Per Second outputs. They may be used to simulcast Quantar, MSF5000, Astro-Tac receivers, and similar radio equipment.

The FEI-Zyfer Family of Modular, GPS-Aided Time ...

CommSync ll® is a fully-redundant, modular time and frequency system, combining dual GPS receivers, oscillators, and up to 13 output option modules in a single 3U chassis. The heart of the CommSync ll is the GTF (GPS Time and Frequency) Module. This GTF module is fully self-contained with a Quartz or Rubidium oscillator, and a commercial C/A or

Modular Master Clock System - Unitronix

crosslink, this provides additional resiliency for the MMC time and frequency references. The MMC supports multiple reference oscillator choices, including Rubidium (2U chassis only), Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) and Ovenized Oscillator (OCXO) The output signals for the Modular Master Clock System are generated by up to 12 hot-

GPS NTP server / compact / high-precision / modular ...

Find out all of the information about the heol design product: GPS NTP server / compact / high-precision / modular T107M Rubidium. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

Frequency Reference Catalog | Novus Power Products

Rubidium references, unlike a mechanical resonant system, is based upon an atomic transition for core timing. As a result, temperature, aging, positional stability are all dramatically improved over an OCXO. A rubidium source offers a holdover stability that is typically 50 times better than an OCXO ( 1 ppb/year versus 50 ppb/year).


This militarized time and frequency system has been qualified to rigorous military standards and uses modular construction to ensure complete flexibility and easy maintenance. Single, dual and triple redundant models are available. Over thirty standard options are available. Oven controlled and Rubidium time bases are available; both

TRAK Microwave GPS Time And Frequency Systems

TRAK Microwave Time and Frequency Systems has a long history in design and production of precise timing instruments dating back to 1957. Through these years, TRAK Microwave has developed the reputation for innovative, high quality instruments ranging from small board level products to multi-rack triple redundant master timing systems.

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